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Be A Catholic Worker

We invite men to pray about living in the house where we commit to growing our prayer lives, building fraternity, and living in voluntary poverty and asceticism while in service to others. Our founding principles include solidarity with our brothers, hospitality to them and outside visitors, and intentional fraternity with other live-ins responding to the call to serve. 

Testimonies from Catholic Workers

Being a Live-in

Live in Fraternity

Fraternity in our house is a big deal. Each day, we strive to pray together, attend mass, make a personal Holy Hour, and give ourselves to the mission together as brothers. We are weak embers if we are away from the fire, so we work alongside each other sharing and understanding the struggles and joys of building relationships. 


Live in Solidarity

Living together in voluntary poverty is counter-cultural, but it allows us to depend fully on God's providence and mercy. We have a small monthly stipend, rely entirely on donations of food and money, and participate in fasts where we can each day rely less on ourselves and more on God. We do all this while trying to live joyfully alongside others who live this way involuntarily. 

Live in Hospitality

"It is in giving of ourselves that we receive!"- Canticle of St. Francis


Each day we offer our home up for those looking for things like food, a shower, or just plain ole love. Our home is transformed daily from a sanctuary of prayer and fraternity to a bustling locale for friends on the street or in crisis to experience reprieve and relationship.   


Responsibilities of Live-Ins


Befriend and walk alongside others, coordinate volunteers, assist in crisis situations 


Cultivate a deep prayer life, invite others into relationship with Christ, live as a spiritual leader


Assist in maintenance of the house and grounds, work alongside others, help maintain our garden


Fundraise for your stipend and the house mission, share the mission with others, invite men to be Catholic Workers

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