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There are many ways in which we want to invite everyone into our community. From the Guests we serve daily, our Door Volunteers, Team Volunteers, Live-ins, and Donors, everyone is essential in making the the mission of the Romero House what it is!



Our guests are the cornerstone of our mission. To be a guest here at the Romero House is to simply come during our hospitality hours, not as a volunteer. Whether someone is in need of a warm meal, laundry, a shower, or simply a place with community, they are welcome as one of our guests!

Daytime Volunteer

Our Daytime Volunteer are people who love the poor and are willing to serve them directly. These volunteers are the people who do the bulk of the service here. They spend each day they come and volunteer in conversation with the guests we serve.


Food Volunteer

Our food volunteers are the people who bring the food we use to serve lunch everyday. Whether they bring food once a month or once a week we could not exist without them. They either donate the food they use to make meals or they raid our pantry, either way they make the most delicious food.

Team Volunteer

Our team volunteers are the people who really want to take their volunteering to the next level. These volunteers work on one of these important teams: The Mental Health Team, The Building and Grounds Team, The Development Team, The Hospitality Team, and The Events Team. All of these teams and the volunteers who give there time to them, are essential to making the Romero House run.


Live-in Staff

Our Live-in Staff, are young men who want to give as little as three months and up to many years full time to the mission of the Romero House. These young men live on site and help lead and manage our other volunteers. They are the ones who maintain the house outside of hospitality hours. They also help with our guests who are in the most need.


Donors are the root of our organization. With the generous support of our nearly 150 recurring donors we are able to help feed and console the homeless and low income populations here in Ames. These gracious men and women are the key reason why we can sustain everything we do here.


Want to help the mission?

The best way to start getting involved is to reach out to us at:

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